Do you buy or sell products subject to excise, such as alcoholic beverages, from Member Countries? Do you lack a wine or beer excise code or the software to transmit the related accounting to the Customs System?

Here at Martino Parisi S.R.L. we have our own Customs and VAT warehouse, right at the Treviso South exit, available to our customers.

Through this warehouse – authorized by the customs authority and subject to its control, non-EU goods can be stored without paying import duties, VAT or any other duty or quantitative limitation set forth for their importing.

By taking advantage of our Tax Warehouse – where you can store EU or national goods without paying VAT or duties – you’ll have the right place for all kinds of goods, including wine, beer and spirits.

Goods will be available for immediate delivery even before having identified the target country or buyer, without exposing yourself financially.

Our customs warehouse allows the companies taking advantage of it to be more competitive on the market and to meet the product demand.


  • Taking care of all customs procedures related to alcoholic beverages, wine and beer excise
  • Issuance and reception of the electronic AAD for beer and/or wine
  • Submission of the alcoholic beverages excise accounting to the Customs IT System
  • Transportation and delivery of goods subject to excise (beer and/or wine)
  • Tax warehouse in Silea (Treviso)
  • Final exports/imports customs operations
  • Alcoholic beverages excise and Customs training courses

For info on our Tax and VAT warehouse, please contact us from our Contact Us page.

We will answer you ASAP.

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