Tailored-made customs

In our Casa di Spedizioni, our strength is taking care of customs operations, through a thorough and customizable range of relevant services.

Our skills range from import/export customs management to technical-customs consultancy services with resolution of administrative litigations.

Our customers are at the heart of our customs agency, and we take care of them in international markets every step of the way, through tailored-made solutions.
Our many customs services allow us to extend our import/export expertise:

  • Final exports/imports
  • Temporary exports and re-imports
  • Final exports with restitution of rights

Other important operations include:

  • Inward and outward processing” while managing paperwork for granting of authorizations
  • Introductions in customs warehouse
  • ATA carnet
  • Community transits (T1 and T2)
  • Reimporting of sufferance goods
  • Exporting of products with refunds and remittance of customs duties
  • Triangular exports
  • Post-exports and imports
  • Checking for export customs clearance outcome and support in case of administrative closure.
  • Issuance of EUR1 and EUR-MED Preferential Origin Certificates
  • Drafting of A.TR Certificates for Turkey
  • T2L and T2LF documents (e.g. Canary Islands, Azores, Cyprus, etc

We have been working in the customs and logistics field since 1807, find out our company’s history

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Other Customs services:


Better control and cost effectiveness, VAT proof of exportation always available, and constant support during operations.


Support in filling out Intrastat forms and emergency service in Community-wide deadlines