CAD-approved locations

An easy Customs, right in your Warehouse

With CAD, you can have the customs in your company
CAD, Centro di Assistenza Doganale, is a company comprising custom brokers that takes care of customs operations right at our customers’ premises.

Through CAD, we can give our customers the certainty of being able to constantly monitor all import/export operations, streamlining the administrative management of all business trades abroad.

CAD significantly reduces paperwork timings, speeds up import/export operations, and, most of all, it shapes and trains your staff in constantly, easily and immediately monitoring any customs operation.

Some of the benefits of our CAD:

  • Fast customs clearance
  • Better cost control and budgeting
  • VAT proof of exportation always available
  • Constant support in import/export operations

Custom clearance in CAD-approved locations

Take advantage of the change to carry out export customs operations directly, without having to physically send your goods to the Customs!

You’ll have significant benefits i terms of reduction of operational timelines and of related costs

Our Casa di Spedizioni provides a dedicated web portal, where you’ll find updated Customs Documents in Real Time.

For info on CAD-approved locations, please contact us from our Contact Us page.
We will answer you ASAP.

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