Our warehouse in Silea, Treviso, a few meters from the A/27 Treviso South exit, spreads over 6,000 m2, including 3,500 m2 indoors, and is equipped to store and handle ADR hazardous goods.

Through this warehouse – authorized by the customs authority and subject to its control, non-EU goods can be stored as Customs, VAT, Tax/Excise Warehouse without paying import duties, VAT or any other duty or quantitative limitation set forth for their importing.

By taking advantage of our Customs Warehouse – where you can store EU or national goods without paying VAT or duties – you’ll have the right place for all kinds of goods.


  • Trucks and containers loading/unloading;
  • Experts in the furnishing sector;
  • Storage and palletization;
  • Goods collection and delivery to/from Europe;
  • Logistic collection hub;
  • Picking;
  • Product labelling;

All through a dedicated online portal allowing customers to check the goods in stock in real time.

Contact us now for more info on logistic services. Our expert and qualified staff will answer to all your questions and will suggest the right solution to meet your needs.

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Other Transportation and Logistics services

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