Our Casa di Spedizioni specialized in organizing training courses on customs, excise and transportation.

We offer custom-made ISO 9001-certified solutions, including those financed through inter-professional funds.

The training offer is based on the company’s needs, translated into targeted and tailored-made interventions in the classroom, at the company’s premises or even shared between more than one company.

In particular, our courses are entirely customisable based on the company’s needs, so that training always supports the company’s growth. Here are some of our training courses on customs, excise and transportation:

  • Basic and Advanced Customs Export Course
  • Import Operating Profiles Course
  • Incoterms® and International Contracts Course
  • Origin and Made In Course
  • Customs Classification & Value Course
  • International Export Limitations Course
  • Wine Shipping Abroad Course
  • Excise Course

Martino Parisi Srl – Training & Customs Consultancy, is a Training specialist operating partner.

Thanks to our partnership with several Inter-professional funds – including Fondimpresa –we can offer the chance to participate to many Training Packages with a total or partial exemption from costs.


Our company – through a specific Training & Customs Consultancy department – can count on a team of experts in the customs and international trade field.

Our training staff is constantly up-to-date on current regulations and procedures, in order to translate the legal/regulation topics into specific operating measures for your Company.

For info on customs, excise and transportation training, please contact us from our Contact Us page.
We will answer you ASAP.

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