Two hundred years of history and experience

The Francesco Parisi Group was founded by Francesco Parisi (1778-1813) in Trieste in 1807. Half a century after the company was founded, the Vienna branch was established, and the Group became an international company. In 1872, the Venice branch was founded, and then Munich in 1879, Genoa in 1882, and Milan in 1898. During the Twentieth Century, at the end of the 1940s, the Group opens several branches throughout Eastern Europe, and becomes a lead player in post-conflict reconstruction.


Martino Parisi and the booming economy

At the end of the 1950s, Europe witnesses the rapid growth of a network of small and medium companies between Verona and Trieste. It’s the Northeastern miracle, studied worldwide, made up of family-led businesses which, taking advantage of the monetary reform, export Made-in-Italy products worldwide. Therefore, the Group’s Treviso branch is born, our Casa di Spedizioni Martino Parisi, led by Martino himself.
In 1975, our Treviso branch becomes independent, although still partnering efficiently with the Trieste Parent Company. Then, in 1989, Pier Leone Parisi, son of Martino, and Mario Girotto take over the company.

Martino Parisi today

In the 1990s, our Casa di Spedizioni established a new Transportation Planning sector, alongside our Customs Division, which remained the company’s core business. The gradual extension of the European Union also led to the creation of a Community-wide trade section with related issuance of Intrastat forms.
In the meantime, the international trade and economic trends drove our Casa di Spedizioni Martino Parisi to specialize in transportation in the former URSS, the Balkan area, the Far East, India and Brazil.

In 2017, the company is once again managed by the Parisi Family, with the addition of the Customs and International Consultancy company area.


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