An all-round quality service designed to improve the comfort of the drivers choosing our company.

Our facility is located in Silea, 300 metres from highway exit TREVISO SUD.
Use your phone’s Maps app to reach us!

Martino Parisi Srl cares for all the carriers that reach Silea (Treviso) for their customs clearance formalities, goods storage and logistics needs. For this reason, we are proud to offer a series of additional free services to the visiting drivers and couriers.

Moreover, our mother tongue staff (speaking Georgian, Serbian, Moldavian, Russian, Turkish and Ukrainian) will be happy to help the drivers thanks to effective communication skills.

9 reasons to take advantage of our facility

Waiting room equipped with toilets and hot showers –

Free Wi-Fi connection

Attentive customer care

4.000 sqm tree-lined parking

Drink and snack vending machine

Closeness to “Emisfero” shopping mall

Monitors showing the progression of all customs operations in real time

Mother tongue staff

Self-service laundry