Art. 52 of the Single Text of Excises (Leg. Decree 504/95) has established that electricity is subject to excise once supplied to the final user or produced for one’s own consumption.

On the other hand, electricity produced through renewable sources is not subject to excisesFor those systems with a power over 20 kW, even those in total concession, the yearly Electricity Consumption Declaration (AD-1 Form) must be filled out and transmitted in any case.

For photovoltaic systems, we supply the following services:

  • Support in requesting the issuance of the Company Code
  • Support in drafting the production logbook
  • Annual drafting of the Electricity Consumption Declaration (AD-1 Form) and its electronic transmission, through the E.D.I service
  • Activation of the E.D.I. service and digital signature

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