Martino Parisi: all our excise services

Through our Treviso Casa di Spedizioni (Veneto Region), we offer qualified and efficient support to those operators dealing with goods subject to excise, such as alcoholic products, electricity, mineral oils and petrol bitumen, petrol, etc. We offer an accurate excise and electronic AAD accounting service and we are experts in electronic data transmission for purchase/sale of wine and beer and for release of lubricating oils for consumption (as is or contained in other goods).

We can count on the necessary IT systems to handle the excise accounting to the Customs IT System, and we offer this service to all those customers not equipped with a suitable excise software who do not have their own excise code.

Our excise and electronic accounting service is available to those operators dealing with:

  • Energy products (mineral oils, bitumens, lubricants)
  • Alcohol, alcoholic beverages and flavourings
  • Wine and beer, other fermented beverages

Apart from the electronic submission of excise, our Treviso Casa di Spedizioni offers an efficient annual energy (e.g. photovoltaic panels) and natural gas consumption declaration drafting and transmission service.

Wine and beer: ship your products through our tax warehouse!

Our “Wine and Beer service” was inspired by the need to offer our customers – small wineries, wine producers, private individuals, beer distributors and sellers – the possibility of receiving and selling products subject to excise without the need of having their own code, and without any required tax duty.

Our services include:

  • Taking care of all excise customs procedures, relieving the customer from required duties;
  • Issuance and reception of the electronic AAD;
  • Submission of excise accounting to the Customs IT System;
  • Transportation and delivery of goods subject to excise quickly and in a safe way;
  • Storage warehouse at the EXCISE WAREHOUSE in Treviso (Silea).

Customs, Excise and VAT warehouse

In our Tax and Excise Warehouse, you have a dedicated space for wine, beer and spirits at your disposal.

Lubricant oils excise

Our lubricant oil excise services include the Company Code Issuance Request.

Photovoltaic excise

For photovoltaic panels, our group offers the annual drafting of the electric consumption declaration.

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