Certificazione AEO

Main customs benefits for companies

A.E.O. status (authorized Economic Operator) is a recognition granted by European Customs Authorities to support those economic operators deemed capable of guaranteeing Customs safety as well as their own international supply chain’s safety

AEO-certified companies can take advantage of the many benefits expressly set forth by the European Regulation and recognized by customs authorities.

We can divide the benefits in: direct and indirect.

Direct benefits include:

  • Reduction in Customs Checks up to 90%;
  • Easier access to Customs streamlining/authorizations.
  • Right to exemption or reduction of the financial guarantees to be exhibited at the customs.
  • Special benefits regarding safety-related customs checks [AEO/S only].
  • The AEO status allows to take advantage of benefits and concessions also by the customs authorities of other Countries (e.g. United States, China, etc.). [AEO/S only].

Indirect benefits include:

  • Worldwide-recognized quality mark. Reliability and Quality certificate issued by the European Customs Authority.
  • Import/export flow optimization. Through Auditing, the companies obtains a better management and protection of its customs operations, thus reducing costs and the risk of customs violations, and increasing the speed and efficiency of its Supply Chain.


Our team of experts will support you in obtaining the AEO certification with a dedicated consultant who will establish the necessary corrective measures and draft the file required to obtain the auditing from the Customs authorities.

An exclusive model to reduce the resources involved and maximize acquisition in a fast and easy way.

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