Lubricant oils are subject to a consumption tax, based on the provisions set forth by Leg. Decree no. 504 of 26 October 1995, called Single Text of Excises. Lubricant oils are subject to a rate of 750 Euro/1,000 kg.
Art. 61 of the Single Text of Excises establishes that the tax is due on the products released for consumption in the internal market, and that all subjects first releasing the Community products into the market are obliged to pay (for non-EU products, the consumption tax is paid directly through the importing customs document).
Fines for the non-payment of the consumption tax are rather heavy: art. 40 of the Single Text of Excises provides for incarceration between six months and three years, and a fine between double and ten times the unpaid tax, or, in any case, no less than Euro 7,746 Euro for anyone not subjecting the mineral oils to auditing or payment of the excise.

Our lubricant oil excise services include:

  • Request for issuance of the Company Code
  • COOU registration
  • Lubricant oils excise electronic data transmission through our software
  • Additives excise electronic data transmission through our software
  • Consumption tax calculation and COOU
  • Levies
  • Excise reimbursement
  • Consultancy and support at the Customs Offices

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