We specialize in customs and excise consultancy with ISO 9001 certification.
Thanks to a team of experts in international trade, custom brokers registered to the Custom Forwarders Register and training specialists, we offer goods classification, origin (Preferential and Made in Italy), customs planning for import/export strategic solutions, AEO customs compliance auditing, authorization issuance (customs warehouse, temporary processing imports, etc.) services
Among our customs consultancy services:

  • Tariff classifications (customs headings)
  • Consultancy on preferential origin (EUR1) and non-preferential origin (Made in)
  • Binding tariff information request
  • Binding tariff information on Origin request
  • Customs operational planning
  • Customs and VAT warehouse
  • Approved exporter status
  • Granting of AEO authorization
  • International Export limitations (Dual Use & Embargoes)
  • Import/Export consultancy – Iran
  • Import/Export consultancy – Russia

Among our excise consultancy services:

  • Establishment of a wine tax warehouse and support in excise procedures
  • Business strategies for Community and global trade of wine, beer and spirits
  • License request for release of lubricating oils for consumption
  • Excise electronic data transmission
  • Excise-related issues.

For over forty years, our shipping house has been offering tailored-made services based on your needs. We employ dedicated experts to guarantee the adequate level of professionalism and cutting-edge solutions in the international trade field.

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